We realize our investors have numerous options within the real estate asset class. The following touchpoints guide the Moline Investment Management [MIM] | Moline Management, LLC mission, drive the care with which we own and operate each portfolio investment, and ultimately, our returns. They are:

We manage each investment as if it were our own.

We have skin in the game but realize you have more. This means disciplined buying, not getting caught up in bidding wars in overbought markets, avoiding excessive leverage, and managing an asset like we live there.

We are fiduciaries, and that means something to us.

Asset selection, informed by thoughtful, considered investment research and analysis; a highly developed, industry leading due diligence protocol to identify threshold issues and reduce missteps; and the constant pursuit of transparency in our communications with investors form the operational roadmap for our organization.

We’re in the hospitality business.

As owners and managers of apartment communities, the well-being of our residents is of paramount importance to us. We work to ensure that every interaction with a future or current resident is a memorable one.