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Thoughtful, considered research and market analysis drives our investment strategy. Utilizing both a top-down and bottom-up approach allows us to capture emerging macro-trends like in migration, business movement and employment growth, while closer examination of sub-market supply, demand and price (rent) trends brings the return potential of target apartment assets into greater focus.

MIM works to identify select urban and suburban growth markets throughout the midwestern and Central United States, most notably in secondary and tertiary cities that have demonstrated liquidity, a favorable and growing employment base, steady population growth, a high quality of life and other positive multifamily demand drivers. We identify well-located though sometimes underperforming or mismanaged apartment communities which will trade at discounts to replacement cost and that exhibit significant opportunistic or value-add return potential.

MIM captures value through the proven application of a tenant focused property management process, combined with judicious, strategic capital improvements and the identification of additional opportunities to generate operational upside through the activation of previously unrecognized income streams.

Investment Criteria

Moline Investment Management [MIM] | Moline Management, LLC actively seeks quality multifamily apartment communities that meet the following criteria. Supported by a diverse and robust investor base, MIM has the financial capacity to undertake a compressed diligence and to close quickly. MIM’s acquisition criteria are focused on properties with the following attributes:


Midwestern and Central United States, generally Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas. Additionally, NW Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

Asset Size

150 units or greater


Class B+ through C-, or the ability to reach those levels through strategic property upgrades

Investment Type

Value-Add, Opportunistic; LIHTC, workforce housing

Existing Occupancy

0% – 100%

Hold Period

3 – 7 years

Three Pillars of MIM’s Success

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Top Down and Bottom Up Research & Market Analysis

We take the acquisitions process, inherently reactive, and make it proactive. The markets in which we invest are identified based on significant prior research. We look for markets with strong upside and stable economies that protect the downside. Our disciplined acquisitions process leads to better outcomes.

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Meticulous Due Diligence

MIM’s due diligence is meticulous. We verify cash flows, analyze current and expected market conditions, and investigate the asset’s physical condition and environmental history. This thorough review of factors that impact asset performance helps us identify threshold issues sooner, allowing us to arrive at a go-no go decision more efficiently.

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Pre-Asset Manage for Success

We don’t believe in acquiring an asset and then constructing a business plan to support it. We develop and stand ready to implement a business plan before we close. We use the time during due diligence to identify and run sensitivities on value-creation opportunities that others may not have seen, allowing us to unlock greater upside and returns.

Projected Target Returns

(Assumes a 5 to 7 year holding period)

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Average Annual Cash-on-Cash

6% – 8%

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IRR (Net to Investors)

10% – 18%

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Equity Multiple

1.5x to 3.2x