Jul 28, 2021

(Springfield, MO – July 28, 2021) Moline Investment Management [MIM]| Moline Management, LLC, a leading midwest-based, vertically integrated specialist investment manager focused on the development, redevelopment, ownership and operation of multifamily assets across the U.S. is pleased to announce that Paul Arena, a real estate private equity and investment management executive, has been appointed Chief Operating Officer.

In his new role, Arena is tasked with guiding the growth of the firm and scaling the business to handle an expanding portfolio. “Paul brings a stellar track record of profitably operating real estate portfolios, and his leadership, fundraising and capital markets experience will be invaluable to the firm as we seek to aggressively expand our portfolio and investor base,” said Charles Moline, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MIM.

“From my early conversations with Charlie,” said Arena, “it was clear that MIM’s approach to acquiring, owning and operating residential communities was consistent with my own,” and the firm’s aggressive acquisition goals and planned expansion of its investor base to include family offices, endowments and institutional plan sponsors would play to my strengths and was the challenge I was seeking.”

Prior to joining MIM, Arena was Chief Operating Officer of Vauxhall Advisors, a New York City-based capital advisory. Earlier, Arena was Principal and Global Head of Real Estate fundraising at Atlantic-Pacific Capital, and prior to this was Chief Operating Officer of Strategic Resources Corp., the exclusive investment advisor to a family of offshore-domiciled opportunistic real estate vehicles.

“From humble beginnings in 2010, MIM has steadily acquired scale in multifamily real estate to where it is now a leading owner operator and recognized manager of affordable and workforce housing throughout the midwestern U.S.,” offered Moline.” “From our investment research to our underwriting and due diligence to our asset management process, MIM has assembled a highly professional team, and few managers of our size and scope bring an institutional mindset to the process,” continued Moline. “This will give MIM a competitive advantage among managers as Paul helps us craft and implement our investor acquisition strategy and as we seek to raise LP, joint venture and co-invest capital.”

MIM targets affordable and workforce housing opportunities throughout the Midwest and a few other select markets that, their research indicates, will benefit from the continued out-migration of residents and businesses from high-cost, coastal gateway markets. These are markets that are generally considered tax favorable, welcoming of business, and that provide a high quality of life for their residents. Arena added, “Currently in vogue apartment markets such as Austin (Texas), Jacksonville (Florida) and Phoenix (Arizona), for example, hold little interest for us presently because many of them are already overbought, and current valuations do not support our value-add and opportunistic strategies.”

About Moline Investment Management [MIM] | Moline Management, LLC

Founded in 2010, Moline Investment Management is a leading vertically-integrated specialist investment manager focusing on the development, redevelopment, ownership and operation of multi-family apartment communities across the U.S.  MIM targets the development, redevelopment and/or acquisition opportunities within dynamic midwestern and central U.S. urban and suburban markets, as well as other select cities where current and projected supply, demand and price metrics – – reinforced by MIM’s hands-on operating paradigm and asset management process – – allow us to unlock value and generate superior returns for our investors.

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