Feb 17, 2022


Enjoying the fresh air while you work out may be a good motivator, but when the weather doesn’t cooperate, it’s not a practical option. If you don’t have the extra money for a gym membership, or you don’t want to travel further than a few hundred feet for a workout, there are other options! Here are a few ways that you can make the most out of a fitness routine in your own home or your apartment’s fitness center.

Tip #1 – Begin with bodyweight exercises

Apartment fitness centers tend to vary in terms of the equipment they offer, but all of them tend to have one thing in common: limited space. You might not see the wide variety of cardio and strength-training equipment you’d find at your typical gym. And, if you don’t have a fitness center at your complex, you may be thinking you can’t get a good workout without the equipment. If this is the case – simplify your workout. When you first embark on a fitness routine at home or the apartment gym, try skipping the equipment altogether and just use your own bodyweight. Moves like squats, lunges, burpees, and mountain climbers torch calories and strengthen muscles, even in a small space. Need something less impact? Try Yoga or Pilates!

Tip #2 – Strengthen your core

What’s one muscle group that’s easy to shred with no equipment and a small amount of space? Your abs. As long as you have a mat or open space, you can power through crunches, bicycle kicks, and planks to really take your six-pack to the next level. If you have one available, throw a medicine ball or dumbbell into the mix to make it more challenging.

Tip #3 – Get creative with minimal equipment

If you do want to incorporate some of the available equipment into your workout, try creating a circuit that hits every part of the body from head to toe. Start with a round of bicep curls and tricep rows using the hand weights. Sink into a dolphin plank for intervals of 30 or 60 seconds. Then start squatting with a medicine ball or kettlebell in hand to strengthen those glutes and legs. In between each strength-training move hop on the treadmill or elliptical for a minute to keep the heart rate high and the body burning calories. If equipment isn’t available try jumping jacks, jogging in place, or high knees – just keep moving!

Tip #4 – Try some supersets

Have you ever heard of a superset? If not, now’s the time to learn! When you’re working out in a small space, the superset is your best friend. It’s a pairing of two moves performed back-to-back, typically working two antagonistic muscle groups. For instance, you could do a set of deadlifts and then transition swiftly into a round of pushups. So, what’s the benefit of a superset? When you do this, the movement keeps your heart rate elevated, which means your body will continue to burn calories all throughout the workout. These can still be done with bodyweight exercises if working out at home or you can use common everyday things as weight substitutes such as milk jugs filled with water, a backpack weighted with books, individual books, or just use your imagination!

Hopefully these tips will lead to a stronger, happier, more energized you!

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