Jul 01, 2021


Remote work, work from home, hybrid work — it goes by several names these days — continues to gather momentum and become more common. Many people are discovering a need for a functional at-home workspace, even if it is just a laptop on a kitchen counter or small workspace carved out of the corner of the living room. Having an organized workspace can increase your job satisfaction and productivity when you work from home — but creating an efficient and comfortable home office doesn’t have to take up a lot of space or cost a fortune, especially if you don’t have a lot of space to spare.

If you’re relocating to a new city, moving into your first apartment, or simply moving your work from your office to your home, it can be an opportune time to take stock of your space and how you can use it efficiently. Below are some small home office ideas that are a perfect fit, regardless of your living space.

Small Entryway Office

Entryway offices are great spaces for compact desks. Secretary desks are an excellent option for entryway workspaces. The desktop on a secretary desk will either be able to fold up to save space, or there will be a desk cover to keep your workspace private from guests entering your home. The footprint of a secretary desk is also smaller, allowing for other furniture and preventing the space you have dedicated to work from dominating the room. Buffet tables are another good option that offer a lot of storage in a small space and can be converted to a functional desk.

Office Under a Staircase

If you live in a split-level loft or apartment, the area under the stairs can provide some useable space for a small home office. Rolling furniture is ideal for this type of space, as it allows you to store your furniture neatly and compactly, with room for adjustment so you can work comfortably. If your staircase space isn’t big enough for a desk, you can store other, less visually appealing work resources here, such as a filing cabinet or printer.

Repurposed Closet Office

If you’re looking for a place to make a home office in a one-bedroom apartment or studio, repurposing some closet space can be a great solution. By removing your closet doors you can create an extra amount of open space that’s perfect for your desk or office storage. Rolling furniture can also be incredibly useful here, allowing you to adjust for accessibility and non-work times.

Small Home Office Ideas

Some apartments may come furnished with basics that can be utilized in a home office, such as a built-in desk or shelving, which can make choosing your office area much easier. When deciding where to build your office, don’t discount using unique or under-used spaces, such as a closet, small entryway, or unoccupied wall space. Several retailers sell ingenious, wall-leaning systems that are akin to an ‘office in a box,’ allowing the user to put the vertical wall space to good use. An internet search should uncover a range of options and list of suppliers.

Small Apartment Living Room Office

The living room often occupies the most floor space in many apartments, so it can make sense to utilize it for your at-home office. However, navigating a shared space can be difficult and there may be unavoidable distractions. Facing your desk away from the TV and keeping headphones nearby is a good start to limiting distractions during work hours. Keeping your office necessities nearby so you don’t have to leave your desk to use them can also help your space feel more enclosed in these shared areas. Remember, you can still practice sustainability and go green while crafting a great home office set-up; think of using some extra shoe boxes for office supply storage rather than buying new.

Small Home Office Decor Ideas

Office design is an important part of the working environment, as work decor influences your job performance, satisfaction, and your attitude toward your work. Therefore, making an office you’re happy in is just as important as one that is functional in your space. You can improve the feel of your office space by keeping plants, hanging art or pictures, and personalizing your stationery to your style. Contact paper is an easy and renter-friendly way to add a pop of color to bland walls, and working with proper lighting can improve your mood, so positioning your desk near a window can be a great home office choice.

Whether you’ve just started working from home or you’re looking to give your current home office space a makeover, these tips can help you create a fun, functional office area that doesn’t take away from your personal living space and doesn’t break the bank. Enjoy! 

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